Who's that lady. Jodie Whittaker's Doctor costume revealed

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Reaction to the new Who was overwhelming positive, with fans noting all the costume's subtle nods to past Doctors. Attack The Block's Jodie Whittaker landed the gig, which was a very nice get for Doctor Who, indeed.

Whittaker, who is best known for her work in the mystery drama Broadchurch, is taking over for outgoing Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi, who will last be seen in the series' upcoming Christmas episode.

It shouldn't be too surprising that some people were quick to point out that they didn't like this new outfit at all. She's here and she's gonna rock it, so fans better start ordering their blue trousers now to get ready for cosplay costumes. And finally, what outfit they'll call their own once they settle in. It's nice to see the show didn't attempt opt for a quieter look for its first female Doctor. Silliness has, more often than not, been the name of the game for this Gallifreyan.

For the uninitiated, "Doctor Who" follows a hyper-intelligent time-traveler who journeys across time and space and encounters all manner of odd life forms and obstacles to overcome. It's therefore impossible to hate something that literally honors the zany past in such a fantastic way. It kind of reminds us of the Sixth Doctor's colorful ensemble, but this is a lot easier to look at.

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One shared the news on social media with the caption "New series". Those trousers. Nary a decorative vegetable in sight, but the bold, colorful, eclectic look is a big departure from recent doctors' suits, including Peter Capaldi's magician-y feel, and reminds me a lot more of the more whimsical costumes of Doctors past.

Clearly, Whittaker and the Doctor Who showrunners are embracing change! Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor was a fan of suspenders, although some are attributing that touch to another famous alien. While the length of the coat echos David Tennant the 10th and the color of it, Sylvester McCoy and the 7th.

When her casting was announced in July, Whittaker said it felt "overwhelming, as a feminist" to have the role.