People are destroying coffee machines after Sean Hannity's interview with Roy Moore

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By Sunday evening, the hashtag #BoycottKeurig was trending on Twitter.

Once Hannity's social-media army caught wind of Keurig's disavowal, some supporters filmed themselves destroying their Keurig coffee makers in retaliation.

After Media Matters and others criticized Hannity as being too defensive of Moore in his coverage of the story, Keurig tweeted it was going to pull its advertising.

Moore is accused of making sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl while he was a 32-year-old attorney, in addition to pursuing romantic (although not sexual) relationships with other teenage girls around the same time.

The accusations date from four decades ago, when Moore was in his 30s.

Moore spoke on Hannity's show the next day when he continued denying the allegations. According to an account in The Washington Post, Moore volunteered to watch the girl while her mother attended a child custody hearing and later allegedly initiated a sexual encounter.

Criticism of Hannity peaked after he referred on his radio show Thursday to "consensual" sex with 17- and 18-year-olds (age of consent in Alabama is 16), which, in the context of the discussion about Moore, was interpreted as including 14-year-olds.

Others expressed amusement by the destruction of Keurig coffee makers, pointing out that conservatives wrecking machines had already paid for the appliance. "And there's, I just, I don't know how you find out the truth".

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Hannity later backstepped on those comments, saying he "misspoke," but continued to say that the accusers may be lying for money.

You are likely aware that Keurig became the focus of some media attention over the weekend related to a tweet issued from our official Twitter account on Friday.

The heated political environment has created a slew of headaches for marketers who are pilloried for supporting some news networks and then slammed when they pull their ads.

Another sponsor targeted by Media Matters,, announced that it would not be running ads on Hannity in the future.

Nevertheless, Hannity's defense of Moore sparked social media backlash, and advertisers responded to complaints by vowing not to appear on his Fox News show.

Hannity fans have responded to the latest boycotts with their own boycotts, mainly targeting Keurig, known for its K-Cup coffee products. Gamgort reminded staffers that the company advertises on all the major cable channels, rather than just Fox News.

Remember, this is how it ended for Bill O'Reilly - not the sexual harassment lawsuits, the loss of sponsors.