NASA releases creepy space sounds for Halloween

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According to Nasa's creepy space music playlist, the eeriest sounds appear to be coming from Jupiter and its various giant moons.

NASA said that the data used to create the playlist was collected by instruments on spacecraft that capture radio emissions, which scientists converted into sound waves. Space sounds are definitely spooky, but a busted speaker would be much more frightening. The radio waves are closely related to the auroras near the poles of the planet.

Other clips include the "roar" of Jupiter captured by the Juno spacecraft as it passed through the planet's magnetic field in 2016.

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Meanwhile, Saturn, which according to Nasa is "a source of intense radio emissions" appeared to produce a spooky version of Star Trek-like sound effects.

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The eerie sound is similar to the emissions recorded on Earth during the aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere. From howling planets, whistling winds, and sounds of sonic booms to something right out of the Alien: Covenant movie, space certain can sound just as eerie as ever. An audio picked by the spacecraft shows data from Galileo's Plasma Wave Experiment instrument.

Sounds of Jupiter: Scientists sometimes translate radio signals into sound to better understand the signals.

NASA has released recorded "space sounds" sourced from our solar system and they are spooky to say the least. A personal favorite is track number 17, "Radar Echos from Titan's Surface", which sounds like a cross between an 8-bit arcade game and a dirt bike.

Another recording - Sounds of a Comet Encounter - features sounds of rocks and dust particles colliding with the Stardust Aircraft, as comet Tempel 1 flies by on February 14, 2011.