IOS 11.1.1 update now available, includes 'i' autocorrect fix

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The problem, however, is not very common, and very few users have so far have identical issues which may mean that iPhone X units in very cold condition may be facing this issue.

Reddit user darus214 revealed the issue in a thread this week, writing: 'I've noticed that my iPhone X screen becomes very unresponsive as soon as I step outside. At this point, the screen does not work reliably in terms of registering touch-based inputs. Exactly how a software update will tackle this issue remains to be seen as a problem with the screen freezing suggests it may be a hardware fault instead. Luckily, there seems to be a workaround, where locking and immediately unlocking the handset seems to restore functionality of the screen. Luckily, Apple is already aware of the problem and is creating a fix which will be delivered through a software update.

The update also reportedly addresses a problem that could sometimes cause the "Hey Siri" command to stop functioning. The company cautions that trying to use it outside that temperature range might "cause the device to change its behavior".

Apple issued iOS 11.1.1 this week, promising issues including the freakish "i" autocorrect, which changed the letter to an A and a question mark symbol. All we know is some iPhone X units become unresponsive seconds after changing ambient temperature, which is unacceptable given that winter is coming.

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The issue first popped up on Reddit, where several commenters said they had encountered an issue that makes the iPhone's screen unresponsive.

For now, the phone should return to normal within seconds.

The issue emerged when people updated their phones to version 11.1 of the iOS operating system. has contacted Apple for comment on the issue.