Fix Apple's Annoying IOS Update "i" Bug With These Two Tricks

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Users will have to add their cards to each device on which they plan to use Apple Pay Cash.

Apple has not yet released a software update to fix the bug, but they have a suggestion for frustrated "A?" phone users. Now you can use Apple Pay to pay and get paid right in Messages, or by asking Siri.

Unfortunately, Apple Pay Cash it's only available to beta customers in the United States right now, who'll also need to have two-factor authentication enabled on their Apple ID.

Not surprisingly, the bug is frustrating many Apple users.

News of the bug comes via Lifehacker, and if you want to go straight to source, here's the page that has Apple's suggested workaround.

To send or receive money, both parties must be running the appropriate iOS 11 software.

Once the money arrives to the Apple Pay Cash card, it's immediately usable anywhere that accepts Apple Pay.

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Of course, you can request in kind money from friends, family or anyone else you're are communicating with in an iMessage.

Apple is reportedly working on a fix that will be rolled out in the next iOS 11 update. You'll need at least $10 loaded into the card to use it.

Or, you can prompt a transaction by sending or receiving a message asking for money. Apple suggested a temporary fix, but iPhone and iPad owners would rather receive a ideal iOS 11.

'You can also transfer your Apple Pay Cash balance to your bank account'.

iPhone and iPad owners, however, are hoping that after a temporary fix, Apple would be able to release a version of iOS 11 with no major problems.

Transactions funded with a debit card are free, while a 3% fee applies to credit card transactions.