Dwyane Wade sees some of 2014 Miami Heat in current Cleveland Cavaliers

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Although, the Wizards didn't play like the best team against their loss to the Suns, where they gave up a 22-point lead, nor their loss against the Lakers, Beal still has confidence in his team.

Do you smell blood with the way the Cavs are playing right now? That's how I'd describe numerous Cavs, at least until IN embarrassed them Wednesday. Whenever we have lapses against those teams we should beat, it's because we don't get off to a great start. They're aware of that, and hopefully that's a thing of the past.

"Anytime you play against a team that went to three straight [NBA] Finals and won a championship, they're coming to play", Lue told ESPN.

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Jose Calderon is on the Cavs but, with only eight games under his belt with the franchise, can still provide an outsider's perspective of what it's like to be "them". "If I'm playing 23 minutes one night, I'm gonna try to be the best I can be in those 23", Wade said. Washington have played five games with at least 213 combined points, and have gotten to 226 and higher in all three home games.

Staring at a potential five-game losing streak and giving a conference rival like Washington a confidence boost to make someone like Beal actually believe his bold preseason promulgation should be motivation enough for the Cavs to start their turnaround.

"I'm here to help this team in whatever capacity I can from a veteran's standpoint", said Wade. One thing I did notice at Miami, teams were afraid of us a little bit. LeBron James steered the offense with a game-high 33 points with 11 assists, Derrick Rose added 19 points, Jeff Green had 15 points while Kevin Love chipped in with 13 points and 13 rebounds. "I think if you look at previous year, people might say they did or didn't, but I think they didn't want the number one season for a reason because we would have played them in the second round". "And we've got to figure it out".