A redesigned, High-End iPad with Face ID Coming in 2018

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Today, Apple Inc. revealed they are working on a new redesigned high-end iPad that incorporates key iPhone X features such as facial recognition and slimmer edges. However, a new report that comes via Bloomberg claims that a first iPad with Face ID is in the works and should arrive next year.

Benjamin imagines an iPad Pro that uses Apple's Face ID facial recognition system that unlocks a device via authentication of a registered users facial features.

Apple is reportedly redesigning its iPad Pro series that will be ready to launch next year.

Furthermore the report reveals a new, improved Apple Pencil will be released next year. It appears making these panels at scale for a much bigger device is too much of a technical and financial hassle. That trend will likely continue in 2018 - however, not all models will feature Face ID, just the flagship one.

Apple is set to release an updated iPad with FaceID technology come 2018.

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Apple reported during its earnings call last week that iPad revenue rose 14% to $4.8 billion in the fiscal fourth quarter, with an 11% increase in the number of units sold.

Sadly, there is no any official picture of the new iPad Pro or its new Apple Pencil Stylus available at this moment now. This will allow the upcoming iPad to have a design similar to the iPhone X, boasting a maximized screen area for a more immersive experience.

The iPad has been Apple's second-largest product line, but demand has fallen and the sales in the global market declined by 17 percent in the past three years.

Apple has recently refreshed its iPad lineup in June 2017 at Worldwide Conference 2017. Although critics have panned the notch, calling it ugly, some of us at Pocket-lint feel like Apple chose to lean into it and purposefully made the notch a stand-out design element. The wireless charging feature would also be a nice way to offer a complete range of Apple devices that can all be charged on a single surface at night, avoiding plugging in more devices.