Samsung announces new VR headset

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Now, there is another company that has joined the mix as well: Samsung, with the official unveiling of HMD Odyssey. Considering how SteamVR will also be available on Windows Mixed Reality this holiday season, it's clear Microsoft is taking its venture into virtual reality gaming seriously.

Samsung and Microsoft officially announced the Samsung HMD Odyssey today, citing it as a "premium" option among the Windows VR headsets. "AltspaceVR will continue to work on PC and Mac in 2D mode, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Daydream by Google, and Samsung Gear VR", the spokesperson said. AltspaceVR will remain independent in its name and will still be working across multiple platforms as it previously has, but will include Microsoft communication software in future and Microsoft will now be handling all user accounts. For example, gamers who can't attend the next Xbox event in person may be able to do so using a headset and this app. At the very least, it's good to know that Microsoft is still aware of the demand for more Halo content, even if it is in the form of a very basic VR shooter.

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Microsoft also used the special event for what Kipman called, "The first ever acquisition to be announced entirely from within Virtual Reality", with the news that it has acquired social VR service, AltspaceVR. It's not a game, or part of a game, but instead it's described as a "fun little arcade experience" that serves as an introduction to Halo's world. Ross said it's, "Only scratching the surface of what the potential of a Halo MR experience could be". Hopefully, 343 Industries is not presenting this reveal as the final product of Halo: Recruit, and there will be something better at the official Halo: Recruit reveal on October 17. The Samsung Odyssey, just announced today, is coming November 6 for $499 (roughly £375 or AU$640). What you see just scratches the surface of what Windows Mixed Reality brings to the table. The biggest will no doubt be Halo Recruit.

With an adjustable control wheel, the Samsung HMD Odyssey is created to provide a comfortable and snug fit. The Samsung HMD Odyssey comes with integrated AKG headphones and array mics for voice commands, as well as two motion controllers.