Nintendo Switch update secretly brings GameCube controller support

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The only other peripheral you'll need is the GameCube controller USB adapter Nintendo released for use with Super Smash Bros. on the Wii U. It's still possible to pick up both the official and third-party versions of this USB adapter. It was a long time coming, and a necessary step to bring the Switch closer in line with the PS4 and Xbox One. Obviously. They don't have a way of interfacing directly with Nintendo's latest hardware, but the Switch does have USB support. That, plus one of the aforementioned adapters, can save you the $70 you'd have to drop to get the Switch's modern-day equivalent, the wireless Switch Pro Controller. Yes, I know that there are Switch Pro controllers that would obviously work, but coming from someone who has spent the past decade purely smashing on a GameCube controller, I became a bit anxious.

The only real issue is that the GameCube controller doesn't have all the same buttons as the Joy-Cons, which will make some games more hard or impossible to play. However, the update included an extra feature Nintendo chose not to publicize - support for GameCube controllers.

But Nintendo hasn't said anything about a new Super Smash Bros. for Switch, and it has yet to confirm those Virtual Console rumors.

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"It was just a small game at first, since we wanted to get something out before the Wii U ended, but it kind of got out of hand, with too many ideas", Newey continues.

A pre-purchase option is available for certain games on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. Well, it now seems another hidden feature has been uncovered by Twitter user Master Mewking: GameCube controllers now work with the Nintendo Switch.

As the GameXplain video demonstrates below, the Switch now supports the use of GameCube controllers.