India To Observe 'Anti-Black Money Day' On November 8!

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And, it is therefore quite understandable that this would never be on the political agenda of the Congress party leadership.

The finance minister also rejected the criticism that note ban decision did not expose black money, saying it came from those who did not understand its objects.

Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma on Wednesday also said that the central government's Rs 2.11 lakh crore bank recapitalisation plan, announced on Tuesday, coupled with the approval of highway projects worth Rs 7 lakh crore to spur the economy, is akin to giving a "bottle of glucose" to a patient on a "ventilator".

The Congress alleged that demonetisation had not unearthed any black money as most of the cash in circulation had returned to the system.

"What this step signals is that the rich can evade taxes and convert black money under government's auspices while the poor have to face stringent conditions of being linked to Aadhaar to get their PDS rations and other basic facilities", it added. Eighteen lakh people who have deposited monies because the deposit brings an end to the anonymity have been found as having deposited money disproportionate to their incomes.

The Congress asked the PM to apologise for the demonetisation decision which took the lives of 150 people and wiped off millions of jobs.

"The account holders in Liechtenstein and HSBC have all been assessed and criminal action has been filed against them". Jaitley said that demonetisation has served all three objectives - to squeeze cash economy, promote digital transactions in business and widen the tax base.

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"The results against black money can not be achieved by baby steps", he said adding this is why the economy is undergoing a transition process for the time being.

Do you remember what happened past year on November 8? No...

"There was a parallel black money economy in the country".

The move came as a counter to Congress led 18 party opposition parties move to observe Nov.8 as Black Day with protests and rallies in different states to highlight the cash crunch and economic slowdown that followed demonetization.

The meeting was attended by Azad, O Brien, Yadav, Communist Party of India (CPI) Member of Parliament D. Raja, Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) Member of Parliament Kanimozhi and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Member of Parliament Satish Mishra.

Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad told the media here, "Possibly, this is the first time that a decision announced by the Prime Minister had to be changed 135 times". Therefore, the party has decided that on November 8 we will celebrate anti-black money day.