Google to Provide Puerto Rico With Cell Service Using Balloons

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"FCC issues experimental license to Google to provide emergency cellular service in Puerto Rico through Project Loon balloons", Matthew Berry, the authority's chief of staff, announced on Twitter.

Google's parent company, Alphabet Inc, started Project Loon, which was created to give internet connectivity to people in rural places and is now being used for disaster relief.

It was the strongest hurricane to hit the USA in over a century and the 155mph winds left Puerto Rico entirely without power.

As Harris spotted, earlier today the FCC granted a "Special Temporary Authorization" to "support licensed mobile carriers' restoration of limited communications capability in areas of Puerto Rico".

In case of yu just need to know, the Project Loon is a subsidiary project from Google's "X" t make the availability of internet in rural places and remote villages. "It is critical that we adopt a coordinated and comprehensive approach to support the rebuilding of communications infrastructure and restoration of communications services". Now, Alphabet wants to do something similar in Puerto Rico where most people are still without any cell service.

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Google's balloons received approval to fly over Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands for up to six months, according to the FCC note.

Puerto Rico is still reeling in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, which struck the island on September 20 and paralyzing winds, rain and storm surge.

As Puerto Rico and its people continue to reel from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria, two of the world's biggest tech companies have outlined plans for bringing power back to the Caribbean island and USA territory.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Project Loon, it's essentially a balloon-delivered wireless service project that's part of X, Alphabet's semi-secret research and development facility.