Xbox is Really Smart With Game Downloads: Here is How

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According to Digital Foundry, the internal name for the system is Intelligent Delivery, and it will split game content into tagged chunks. Though Xbox is recommending that this system should only be used for new titles, Intelligent Delivery will work for existing games as well. For example, the maximum memory available for a game running in the foreground is just 1 GB.

This could prove very beneficial as users would no longer have to wait for the entire game title to download before they get to play the game.

One example of a situation that will take advantage of the new Xbox One technology is a game that supports various languages.

Xbox One X intelligent delivery allows the developers to format the game in chunks and the user can download the parts of the game that are needed.

When the gamer goes to download a title, only those chunks with the relevant tags are pulled from Microsoft's servers.

But that's not it: Intelligent Delivery automatically detects your console type and the resources you need to download.

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Xbox One X supports 4K gaming and with that in mind, you can expect that game files to be huge. The platform holder has already dropped some hints about this functionality, confirming that Xbox One users won't need to download X's 4K assets, but the execution goes beyond that, being flexible enough even to support multi-disc releases - not now supported on Xbox One.

Mr. Leadbetter also postulates that since Intelligent Delivery effectively adds multi-disc support to the Xbox One family of consoles that developers could start shipping dual-disc games, with singleplayer campaign on one disc and online multiplayer assets on the other (think Halo 3: ODST).

"We have over 100 games with Xbox One X enhancements".

When the Xbox One X launches in November it will allow exclusive 4K, HDR and 60FPS game capture options.

As games get bigger, Microsoft has cooked up a sly way to keep Xbox One and Xbox One X download times down, not to mention save on hard drive space.

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