WWE Smackdown: Kevin Owens assaults Vince McMahon

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- RAW General Manager Kurt Angle tweeted the following on Kevin Owens' headbutt that busted open Vince McMahon on last night's Sin City SmackDown. When you combine his in-ring and promo abilities, a strong case can be made that he's the best all-around performer in the business today.

McMahon was announced for the game on Twitter Tuesday as he made a special apperance on "Smackdown Live" to confront Kevin Owens.

Graphic Content - After being put into a Hell in a Cell Match against Shane McMahon, Kevin Owens crosses the line with a shocking attack of the WWE Chairman. Vince said to Owens about his claims of choosing not to retaliate against Shane because he respects authority.

There's certainly no denying Owens is an outstanding heel. I just hope the powers that be in WWE realize the only result that makes sense is Owens winning. In an era in which it's cool for wrestling fans to cheer the bad guys, it's increasingly hard for heels to generate heat, but Owens is the proverbial heat magnet. Owens agreed to the match but not before seeking one condition: permission to lay into a McMahon.

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Owens would respond by threatening to sue Shane and the entire WWE for the incident and this would lead to Daniel Bryan getting a phone call from WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon, who would suspend his son Shane indefinitely.

McMahon even clarified that he did not suspend Shane for attacking Owens, but for "not finishing the job".

Hogan has never been shy about his love for Kevin Owens.