Trump coming to North Dakota Wednesday for tax-reform speech

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The president's speech in North Dakota is one of a series of initiatives he has taken recently to sell tax reform to the public, and he also met with key administration officials and GOP lawmakers on Tuesday to discuss the issue. For example, some corporations - General Electric, Netflix, Xerox - pay no US income taxes many years.

The backdrop for President Donald Trump's visit to North Dakota on Wednesday is a refinery that processes up to 74,000 barrels a day of the state's crude oil into gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and more.

Heitkamp has not said she supports Trump's plan, only that the small business owners, energy industry workers, farmers and parents in her state are eager for changes to a tax code they believe is broken.

Another goal of revamping the US tax code is bringing back money that USA companies have sent overseas to other countries, Trump said Wednesday. She is scheduled to ride with Trump on Air Force One on Wednesday to attend his rally in her home state. Heidi Heitkamp and John Hoeven, Rep. Kevin Cramer, Burgum and Lt. Gov. Brent Sanford.

"If Democrats don't want to bring back your jobs, cut your taxes, raise your pay and help America win, voters should deliver a clear message: Do your job to deliver for America or find a new job", Trump said as the crowd applauded. Claire McCaskill stayed away. Even his insistence on constructing a wall between the US and Mexico looks more and more like a pipe dream, as Congress discusses an annual budget that doesn't offer almost as much funding for the project as President Trump desires. Also joining the president was Republican Sen.

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"The liberals often say, well, you know we care about the children".

In a letter to the Forum of Fargo-Moorhead, Greg Hodur, former chairman of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, urged Heitkamp to not give Trump "a big hug to welcome him here on our behalf".

Kylie Oversen, chairwoman of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, called for bipartisan solutions for fixing the nation's "broken" tax code.

"It's your money, not the government's money", Trump said. "He's going to spend a great deal of time over the next months going around the country and selling tax reform".