Pope Francis: If Trump Is Pro-Life, He Should Re-Think DACA Decision

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And he didn't shy away from naming and decrying, one by one, the evils that undermine a culture of encounter including drug abuse, the devastation of natural resources, pollution, the exploitation of labour, illicit money trafficking and financial speculation which, he said, expose millions of men and women to poverty, prostitution, human trafficking, the tragedy of migrants who are exploited and manipulated. "I think this law comes not from parliament but from the executive", he said, apparently siding with Barack Obama's interpretation of his presidential authority. "He is not able to ask for forgiveness", the Pope said, and for this reason, it is very hard to help someone who is corrupt. "Together, they are essential to building peace", the Pope said in the central town of Villavicencio. And who robs them of hope?

Pope Francis today slammed climate change doubters as "stupid" in the wake of a spate of hurricanes that have thrashed the US, Mexico and the Caribbean.

If US President Donald Trump considers himself "pro-life", he should reconsider his decision to end a program that allows the children of undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States, Pope Francis said.

Steve Bannon, who until recently was Trump's chief strategist, accused the bishops of having an ulterior motive in advocating for families affected by the decision to revoke DACA.

"In the end, young people feel like they have no hope".

Since he began his campaign, Trump promised to be a pro-life president, earning him the support of many conservative evangelical Christians and pro-life groups.

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But Francis' remarks on Monday suggested that the pope sees the pro-life movement as much bigger than disagreements over abortion.

In the 40-minute long conference, the Pope also spoke about the crisis in Venezuela, corruption, climate change and whether Colombia could provide a model for the peace process for other countries. "They speak very clearly, scientists are precise". Francis said. "Climate change is seen in its effects, and we all have a moral responsibility in making decisions".

In their article, the authors cite an earlier report which asserted that if carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise beyond 2020, or even remain level, "the temperature goals set in Paris become nearly unattainable" and the UN Sustainable Development Goals agreed upon in 2015 would also "be at grave risk". Francis, known for his own simple and austere style, said Claver was "austere and charitable to the point of heroism".

History's first Latin American pope has similarly insisted on ministering to society's most marginal and making them the focus of the Catholic Church's mission.

What they were doing, he said, was saying, "This is my treasure".