Police 'terrified' after red 'It' balloons tied to sewer grate

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Based on King's 1986 novel with the same title, It tells the story of a group of outcast prepubescents who band together to form "The Losers Club" to fight a monstrous terror that kidnaps children.

After the post went viral, the police department chose to take its investigation to another level, having the department's criminal investigative division look into who left the balloons. In Littitz, Pennsylvania a prankster has been tying red balloons to sewer grates around town with police there suggesting they knock "IT' off, noting officers were "completely terrified" removing the balloons".

Red balloons tied to storm grates at several locations in Lititz Borough and Warwick Township Tuesday morning put some people on edge.

'A certain movie is coming to theaters in two days, and a local prankster took it upon themselves to promote the movie, ' the Lititz Borough Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

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The department's post ends with the phrase "you'll float too", a tag line from the movie's trailers.

The terrifying-looking big screen adaptation of It hits theaters on Friday, September 8, and terror is in the air - specifically in the helium.

The balloons come after Pennsylvania State Police issued a "community awareness bulletin" saying that there may be more clown sightings because of the movie.

"They should respect others boundaries".