Mobile Sets Unlimited Netflix Promotion Ahead Of Apple Launch

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It appears that subscribers only get a standard Netflix subscription from the deal, not a multi-screen family one.

T-Mobile US Inc. upped the mobile phone carrier war on Wednesday, announcing an exclusive partnership to offer free Netflix Inc. subscriptions to T-Mobile One family plan customers.

Are there any caveats? .

Customers with at least two T-Mobile One unlimited data voice lines can take advantage of the offer, CNET reported.

The move comes amid heightened competition in the wireless space, as all of T-Mobile's competitors have recently adopted its relatively low-priced "unlimited everything" cellular plans. Customers who tweet their favourite quotes, GIFs or memes from Netflix series can win smartphones, T-Mobile and Netflix promotional gifts and a grand prize of tickets to the premier of the new series of "Stranger Things" by Netflix.

How to I sign up? .

It works for existing and new subscribers; T-Mobile will transfer your Netflix details. Four lines are $160 - taxes and fees included.

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In addition, T-Mobile is throwing a Netflix "Meme-a-thon" on Twitter. Subscribers with two lines pay $60 per line, while those with three pay $47 per line. Streaming Netflix videos in standard definition won't result in additional costs to customers on these plans. According to T-Mobile, during times of data congestion - say prime TV viewing time - the top 3 percent of data users ( 32GB a month) can expect to see "reduced speeds until next bill cycle".

Note that the T-Mobile One caps video streaming at 480p resolution.

So what's in it for T-Mobile?

So don't plan on seeing Netflix streamed to your phone with a whole lot of quality, under any circumstances.

Nevertheless, the promotion is likely to give at least some lift to Netflix's US subscriber figures.

Still, T-Mobile also claims - on the basis of OpenSignal's latest State of Mobile Networks: USA -that it now has the fastest and most wide-spread 4G coverage.