IPhone 8 Price Leak Confirms Expensive Price Tag

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Like we said it's not the most exciting iPhone component leak we've seen to date.

In other words, Apple will completely skip the iPhone 7s series, and it more or less makes sense.

We are but days away from the event of the Apple calendar year when the company pulls the curtain up on new iPhone models. Well, Apple revealed what is supposed to be the final build version of the software in the beta stage for developers called, Gold Master version of iOS 11. Next up: new and confirmed features coming to the OLED iPhone...

Also: Animoji. What are Animoji, you ask?

The screen is expected to measure 5.8-inches, corner-to-corner with rounded corners. If you are already an iPhone user, it's unlikely you would take a lot of time to get started with the new version. It looks like Apple will make use of another physical button - the power switch - for multifunctional use.

Notably, this event comes as the first of its kind to be held at that location, so many Apple fans within that area, should count themselves lucky enough!

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Most pundits and rumours had tipped the existence of a premium "iPhone 8" model, upped in numbers to tie in with the 10th anniversary of the iPhone platform, but it appears from the code that this device, previously signalled as "D22" for internal development purposes will instead be the "iPhone X". Exactly how the new iPhone cameras will enhance iOS' augmented reality features is also unclear.

As per the new leak of its firmware, there will be no any Touch ID in the new iOS device but the Touch ID is replacing by Face ID. While it's still unclear, Portrait Lighting will reportedly add lighting enhancements to the iPhone's Portrait mode effect that creates DSLR-like depth-of-field photographs. According to a Wall Street Journal report, a glitch in the manufacturing process has delayed the iPhone 8 production by a full month.

Apple-centric site 9to5Mac is now going hands-on with the iOS 11 GM and the leaked software contains features that aren't available in the iOS 11 beta 10 for developers or iOS 10 beta 9 for those in the Beta Software Program.

The leak also contains what might be the first publicly released image of the new LTE Apple Watch Series 3, which looks an very bad lot like it has cellular capacity.

While Apple is thought to be preparing a TV service to compete with the likes of Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, as Patently Apple notes, the patent emphasizes that a television is used as an example only, and that the biometric remote could be used with a range of devices.