Got the DB11? Now own the submarine: Aston Martin's new Project Neptune

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A concept image of Project Neptune depicts a sleek design, with a bubble-like cockpit at its center that provides a almost 360 degree view.

The submarine will only come out as a limited edition and Aston Martin hasn't announced when it might be available to purchase. It's a submersible, that must-have plaything of superyacht owners the world over. The project is codenamed "Neptune", and the concept designs envision a sleek underwater craft with aggressive pointy-ended pontoons and a central passenger bubble cockpit with an unobstructed, all-around view. But that, of course is a crude version compared with Aston Martin's panache and uber-exclusive materials.

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Aston Martin may be Bond's carmaker of choice, but 007 might soon be driving a submarine from the luxury marque, as Aston Martin has joined forces with Triton Submarines to make a slick submersible. From there, the team created a vehicle with inherently attractive proportions, Aston Martin said.

Concept image of Project Neptune. "From our first interaction, it was apparent that Triton and Aston Martin were natural partners and our complimentary values will be realised in this truly exciting project". So we'll understand if your reaction to news that Aston Martin is working on a submarine is to fear that the British sports-car maker has jumped the shark and is now riding it in freefall toward a volcano. Aston Martin Consulting draws upon the exceptional skills of Aston Martin's design and engineering teams, creating credible partnerships that go beyond the automotive sector and yet still demonstrate the love of innovation, beauty and craftsmanship.