Apple Net Neutrality Comments to FCC: Don't Allow Fast Lanes

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After several tech giants, including Google and Facebook, supported Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) plan to roll back Obama-era net neutrality rules, Apple called on the USA communications regulatory agency to keep "strong, enforceable open internet protections".

Net neutrality, or more specifically the Trump FCC's attempts to butcher it, are a hot topic lately. But even though the FCC has been flooded with public comments in support of those protections, chairman Ajit Pai has remained steadfast in his stance that the rollback is necessary.

The deadline for initial comments passed on July 17, and the deadline for replies to initial comments was supposed to pass on August 16.

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Late yesterday, a group of over 500 small businesses and trade associations from across the country signed an open letter raising concerns over the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) plan to repeal net neutrality.

The previous record was 3.7 million, which happened during the last time the FCC debated net neutrality. Many providers want Congress to step in and write permanent rules, while internet firms say the regulations are critical to preserving the open internet. Internet service providers, on the other hand, have said that by exploring new business models, consumers could be better served - and carriers would find new ways of making money at a time when most Americans are already paying for Internet service.

"Apple remains open to alternative sources of legal authority, but only if they provide for strong, enforceable, and legally sustainable protections, like those in place today", it continued. As part of the FCC's review of internet regulations, Pai has asked whether the FCC needs rules that prohibit blocking or throttling traffic, or providing Internet fast lanes. "Providers of online goods and services need assurance that they will be able to reach their customers without interference from the underlying broadband providers", said Apple in its comments. Apple has opposed loosening net neutrality restrictions, allowing Internet Service Providers (ISPs) unbound power to charge companies for speedier access to consumers.