YouTube adds chat feature to allow sharing in the app

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This new sharing feature will enable users to send YouTube videos to their friends and family directly. The new feature will be available starting today for all YouTube users on mobile devices. Alternatively, you can also share the direct link and add your friends to the chat, where you can discuss the video, etc.

To be clear, this new feature is only available on the iOS and Android YouTube apps and can't be accessed on the desktop site. The in-app messaging feature also allows you to add hearts to videos and messages sent in chats, though it is unknown whether there will be additional reactions in future updates.

Google believes that this new addition to the YouTube app makes for a more convenient sharing experience with contacts.

The videos also show gang members describing how they would murder rivals, with shooting hand signals and waving a "Rambo knife" to a soundtrack of violent rap. You can also find the conversation done attached to it. Users can have individual threads, as well as larger group ones for privately sharing, liking, and commenting on videos. You will be able to view the video that has been shared by you or shared by your friends to your contact. However, users can continue to share the YouTube videos through the links if they want to do so.

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YouTube app serves the goal of a platform for users where they can easily watch videos online. Prominent names from the news industry are making their presence felt in the chat apps to make the majority in terms of building an audience in spaces where content is getting consumed the most. The videos have been watched more than 356,000 times and have not been removed despite YouTube's terms saying it takes "threats, harassment, intimidation (and) inciting others to commit violent acts" seriously. This still does not compare with other usual messaging apps.

Some tapped into sarcasm to point out how little the feature offers, with one user writing: 'Finally, a way to share YouTube videos to people'.

A blog post from yesterday outlines the expanded icon system: creators could see one of three new symbols next to each video.

That has obvious advantages for YouTube: If it works, messaging could get people to spend a lot more time with the service.