Windows 10 Insider Build 16257 for PC Available Now

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The goal of built-in eye tracking is to help people suffering from neuromuscular diseases and disabilities navigate Windows 10 without a mouse or keyboard.

With the latest insider preview for Windows 10, eye tracking and controls are now being tested.

Once "Eye Control" is turned on, a launchpad appears on the screen that allows a user to access the mouse, keyboard, text-to-speech and to reposition the User Interface (UI) to the opposite side of the screen.

Microsoft says Eye Control only supports the US English on-screen keyboard for now, although it's clear the US company is moving quickly with this feature. Similarly, for typing the words, users would need to look at the keyboard, at the character and it would type for you.

Note: The Tobii 4C Eye has magnetic attach points on the back of the device.

In September (possibly), Microsoft will release an update to Windows 10 dubbed Fall Creators Update.

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Microsoft announced that they will also be open to collaborate with other hardware companies so that their customers can be provided with a wide variety of options in order to have access to this feature.

Current known issues for Eye Control include poor performance in bright sunlight.

Windows 10 testers will only see the new colors if they clean install build 16257, and if you upgrade you'll keep the legacy colors to ensure any custom color settings are not replaced.

If you have used Microsoft Edge before you know that it comes with a very, very annoying selection feature when you select text in the address bar. However, you will be required to have the compatible Tobii Eye Tracker 4C for it to work. Microsoft is doing a lot of progress on the eye control, but it is still unclear when the company will officially launch the device.

Microsoft is testing a Windows 10 feature that allows people to control features of the operating system with their eyes.

"The default color values have been changed to improve legibility of darker colors on modern screens, and to give the Console a more modern look & feel", Craig writes. Separately, Microsoft is also revamping its Microsoft Console aka command prompt with more colours for the first time in more than 20 years. Unlike other previous versions of the OS, Windows 10 is a service that will be receiving regular updates aimed at not just fixing the usual bugs and errors, but also introducing new features to the OS as well.