Trump Will Return To New York Next Week 'For More Meetings'

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"Her meeting with President Clinton on that airplane, was the capper for me", Comey told Senators in March, as he said that Clinton-Lynch meeting led him to go public with details about the investigation - something that drew fire from Democrats and Hillary Clinton supporters during the 2016 campaign.

"Why are we engaging in hypotheticals?"

"No one can take away the president's popularity in West Virginia", the ABC host said, adding that we'll see what happens in the Mueller investigation. "The president has called it a fiction, a total fabrication to excuse the colossal and unexpected, unwanted defeat of Hillary Clinton in last year's election".

Mueller kicked off August by impaneling a grand jury to investigate Russia's influence - an indication that the probe is entering a new phase.

"There are some people suggesting that if it's outside the scope of Russian Federation collusion, Mueller can't look at it".

Investigators working for Robert Mueller have asked the White House for documents related to his former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

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A bipartisan Senate bill to protect the Russian Federation investigation special counsel from being fired met with a cool reception Sunday from White House counselor Kellyanne Conway.

On ABC's "This Week," Tillis said that the legislation should not indicate that lawmakers believe Trump is moving toward dismissing Mueller. "And so I think that everybody, in retrospect, knows this was a bad idea".

Mr. Tillis said the bill is needed to "improve the reputation of independence for the Justice Department" by taking "any sort of precipitous removal" off the table while insisting that "we don't have any specific evidence to suggest that the president is going to do that".

Conway deflected, echoing Huckabee Sanders' assertions that Trump weighed in as "any father would" before Stephanopoulos challenged her further, noting the White House's problem with "telling the truth".

"I can only imagine how the country would react if Robert Mueller were fired just because the president [didn't] like the investigation", he continued. "He told the people there and around the country that those who are pushing this phony fabricated Russian Federation investigation are cheating you, the voters, out of what you clearly said you want".

Conway's dismissal of the firing speculation echoes Trump's attorney Jay Sekulow, who told Fox News on Thursday that "the president is not thinking about firing Bob Mueller, so the speculation that's out there is just incorrect".