Trump says GOP botched debt ceiling negotiations

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No. He also made the threat in a May 2 tweet, which came after he had just taken the border wall off the table to strike a deal with Congress to fund the us for another five months. "President Trump's multi-billion-dollar border wall boondoggle is strongly opposed by Democrats and many Republicans". The wall drama plays out as his decision to pour more troops and resources into Afghanistan risks disappointing supporters drawn by his pledges to cut USA military involvement overseas.

Q: Sarah, the president promised over and over again during the campaign that Mexico would pay for the wall.

Trump, however, was more than willing to hit back at the Tennessee senator, who had been one of his early supporters. "We're going to get that wall".

"If the President pursues this path, against the wishes of both Republicans and Democrats, as well as the majority of the American people, he will be heading towards a government shutdown which nobody will like and which won't accomplish anything", the New York Democrat said in a statement.

"We will pass legislation to make sure we pay our debts". Democratic leaders, waiting for a Republican proposal, have been relatively quiet on how they plan to use this leverage - if at all.

If the two issues are combined, that would compound the economic consequences of a stand-off.

Investment banking company Goldman Sachs told its investors on August 18 that the likelihood of a government shutdown is now fifty-fifty, but one Axios source has blown that figure out of the water with a 75 per cent chance. "Bashing Republicans won't help him pass his fall agenda, but Mr. Trump may think he needs to protect himself politically by making Congress his foil".

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After his tweets, the rate on Treasury bills maturing Oct 12 jumped by as much as 5 basis points, the largest intraday move since March. Many congressional Republicans might come around to the idea of just keeping the government open with an even shorter-term continuing resolution ― one that only extends funding for, say, a week ― but Trump could put his foot down and veto that bill.

Trump said he had advised Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan to link passage of legislation raising the debt ceiling to a bill on veterans affairs that he signed into law on August 12.

"Threatening to shut down the gov't for a campaign promise and a wall we don't need is irresponsible and reckless", Thompson tweeted from an account representing the committee's Democrats.

"Republicans need to stop the chaos and sort themselves out in a hurry", House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday. Vendors were instructed that the wall should be at least 18 feet high, have features to prevent climbing over and tunnelling beneath the structure, and to make the designs "aesthetically pleasing" on the United States side, the report said.

"I'm not anxious that it isn't going to get done because it's going to get done", he said.

The latest Republican to draw Trump's ire was Senator Bob Corker, who last week questioned whether Trump possessed the "stability" and "competence" to succeed as president.