Tropical Depression Eight forms east of the Bahamas

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The Tropical Depression is expected to stay well off to our east and will not impact our coast here in North Carolina.

The depression had winds of 35 miles per hour.

The environment around this storm is improving, with less wind shear and dry air, but these still not ideal conditions should keep Tropical Depression Eight from getting too strong.

However, a turn to the north and eventually northeast is forecast to begin tonight, which should steer the storm away from the U.S.

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Now Gert is expected to strengthen slightly in the coming days with winds maxing out near 65mph by Tuesday afternoon before beginning to weaken as it moves into the cooler waters in the north Atlantic. The National Hurricane Center is forecasting tropical storm strength by Sunday night, which will make tropical storm Gert, the seventh named storm of the season.

Meanwhile, the NHC has started tracking a recently emerged low pressure area off the west coast of Africa with a slight, 20 percent probability of becoming the Atlantic's next tropical cyclone in the next five days.

When it does, it will be given the name Gert.