Surprise WWE debuts on Smackdown

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He will no longer receive a US title match as long as Styles is champion. As long as AJ Styles is the US Champ, this is Owens' last shot at the title.

He then hit the defending champ with a cannon ball and rolled him into a pin but Styles kicked out. Lana says that they will not stop until Tamina wins the title because she is the most feared woman on Smackdown Live. Owens hit a low blow and went for the pin but McMahon pulled Corbin out of the ring. Owens wants to know how Styles can be champion even though he beat him. McMahon was reluctant but he granted Owens the match.

After settling on Baron Corbin as referee, Owens faced off against Styles in another highly-competitive match that once again featured the special guest official getting physically involved. This ended the segment. At the biggest party of the summer, we saw some extremely surprising titles change hands.

After taking care of one Singh Brother, Nakamura makes the other tap out with the Triangle Choke.

Styles capitalised on Owens after he argued with the SmackDown commissioner to keep his belt at SummerSlam. In addition, Owens was allowed to choose the referee for tonight's match. Owens countered by saying, since coming to SmackDown Live, Zayn hasn't really been doing much of anything, but he could do something that counts tonight by refereeing the match.

They cut to the locker room area and Lana is on the phone. Rhode would get a huge reaction from the crowd and go on to defeat English via pinfall after hitting a Glorious DDT for the win. Renee Young interviewed Roode in the ring after the match. He said that Bryan and McMahon cashed in by signing the hottest free agent in sports entertainment today. He said that everything that he touches and everything that he has done has been box office. "Shelton Benjamin? This is so sick!" said Gable, who immediately took to Benjamin due to their Minnesota connection.

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The Hype Bros. vs.

Rawley and Jey started things out. The Usos worked him over in the corner. They put the division on notice about them being behind them. He was able to turn back the challenge of Shinsuke Nakamura thanks to a little distraction from the Singh Brothers.

Post-match, Mahal attacked Nakamura from behind. Nakamura fought back and hit the Kinshasa. Throughout the "SmackDown" show, Owens would try to lobby for various superstars to be his referee. This led to Baron Corbin walking up and telling him that he will do it if he gets the first title match against Owens, which Owens agreed to do so. "The ravishing reign of terror begins. and it will not stop until you become champion", she said.

Now that SummerSlam is behind us, it's time to start looking ahead. Natalya eventually blind-tagged a distracted Carmella, who was hit with a Beck-sploder suplex and Naomi's split-legged moonsault.

Oh hey, Dolph Ziggler is back! He was annoyed that he had to do it in a backstage promo. He said he learned what it takes to be a big star in WWE and all he needs is a big spotlight, a fancy robe, and a attractive woman that glows in the dark. He thinks he needs to sing and dance. She tells Tamina to close her eyes.

AJ Styles runs into Baron Corbin backstage.