Samsung just unveiled three new wearables, including new AirPods rivals

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Near the start of IFA 2017, the electronics giant is making yet another grab for a different user market, one populated by what Samsung calls the "everyday athlete".

The first of these is the Gear Fit2 Pro, the follow-up to Samsung's Gear Fit, a smart band featuring a 34 gram weight, 4GB internal storage, WiFi, Bluetooth, and protection from the elements.

However it seems that in addition to new wearables, Samsung's announcement also suggests that they will be launching other connected devices as well. Despite looking nearly identical to the original models, they are actually a bit lighter and sport significantly longer battery life that Samsung says should allow for 5 hours of streaming audio via your phone, or 6 hours if you play music loaded directly onto the IconX's 4GB of onboard storage. However, if those last two features really excited you, you are probably so invested in the Samsung ecosystem, you were already considering buying a Gear Sport anyways.

The watch operates on a Tizen OS, supports control of IoT-enabled devices via Samsung Cloud, Samsung Bixby, Samsung Pay, and remote-control functions for Power Pont and Samsung Gear VR. The smartwatch is packed with features for people who care about their health and fitness. While the original Gear IconX has poor battery life, the company has substantially improved it with the new earbuds.

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Samsung has introduced three new wearables at IFA 2017: the Gear Sport smartwatch, Gear Fit2 Pro fitness tracker, and IconX 2018 wireless earbuds. Samsung has also designed matching watch faces for the straps. The pricing and availability are yet to be announced. It includes built-in Global Positioning System, run-pacing features and nutrition tracking. The wearable fitness band comes with a 1.5-inch curved Super AMOLED display running at a resolution of 216x432pixels and pixel density of 310ppi. It's a standard 20mm lug connector. So, how is it more compact than last year's watch?

The biggest difference between the two is a new focus on swimming. Following six months of partnership, Samsung is now the global leader in connected auto technology, with more than 50 million cars on the road worldwide powered by HARMAN and Samsung technology.

The HDR technology allows screens to deliver vivid displays by optimizing brightness depending on colors, boasting improved display quality. Saves 20% energy on Cotton (40℃, half load) and Super Speed cycle (40℃, 5kg load), based on Intertek data.

Next, the Gear Fit2 Pro. That's frogman-speak for 50m underwater, or deeper than you're ever likely to go in a swimming pool.