Mayweather, McGregor to wear lighter gloves

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Dana White is not a man who is known for sharing his opinions on the fights he so often promotes but with his own man Conor McGregor set to face off in the boxing ring against the unbeaten Floyd Mayweather, we were treated to a very rare concrete prediction from the head honcho himself.

But, based on the fact that we have two separate disciplines (boxing and MMA) it's pretty much unprecedented and the fact we have two warriors that are willing to use eight ounce gloves, and in an effort to accommodate them because this is a bit of an anomaly because they are two separate disciplines.

Lighter gloves carry less padding over the knuckles, potentially making for a more explosive spectacle. "Floyd has beaten 49 boxers, but he's never beaten an MMA fighter".

After the fight, Mayweather says he plans to focus exclusively on building out his multiple business ventures that include several clothing lines, training gear, makeup and even a new Las Vegas strip club called Girl Collection, which opened earlier this year.

"This is a bout that has already been set at a specified weight class", the physician chairperson Raymond Monsell wrote in a letter released on Tuesday. According to the NSAC, fights above 147 pounds require 10 ounce gloves. "I believe first-round KO in 8-ounce gloves".

Malignaggi showed up for 20 rounds with "The Notorious" and was going well until he quit the camp in a huff after accusing Team McGregor of deliberately leaking photos to make him look bad.

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"If he was to follow through on his word with that then great, I will be here to grant him his rematch", McGregor said.

McGregor built his reputation as one of the leading figures in the UFC, but few within the boxing community give him any chance of even testing an opponent who is 40 and has been inactive for nearly two years.

"Factor that in with the precision and the punching power - it only takes me one shot".

McGregor, who is the naturally bigger fighter than Mayweather, believes this will give him a massive advantage over the undefeated 40-year-old boxer. "He's a lot younger, so youth is on his side".

You've been warned, McGregor imitators.