Here's Your First Look At Bruce Willis In The 'Death Wish' Reboot

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So by the end of the film he's really much closer to John McClane... While Willis' career is by no means stagnant, he's definitely no longer at the point where his name on the poster alone guarantees a box office hit.

Director Eli Roth's remake of the 1974 revenge thriller from the novel by Brian Garfield is set in Chicago, where police are overloaded with crimes. Granted some could argue the same for Bruce Willis, the man who has since landed the lead, but I believe he's capable of toeing that line.

"We wanted to bring back that great, classic Bruce Willis we all know and love and just do a fun, badass update of a revered classic", Roth revealed to Yahoo! I wanted to bring Bruce back to that Fifth Element, Unbreakable, Die Hard glory and have him craft another iconic performance, and I really think he did it. However, this is some next level shit right here, and I don't think any of us could have prepared for it.

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Actually, the idea of rebooting the Death Wish franchise is something Hollywood has been kicking around for a while now. "The fun is watching him go insane and watching someone slowly move the moral goal post". The original Death Wish received four sequels (all of which starred Bronson) over the course of the next two decades.

Willis stars as Paul Kersey, a surgeon on a brutal quest for revenge after his wife is murdered and his daughter is raped (Charles Bronson's Kersey was an architect in the original five-film series).

Oh well. The fantastic Death Wish Coffee company might want to hire some awesome SEO people for when this comes out.