Free For Honor Weekend Starts August 10th Fro PS Plus Members

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For Honor will go free-to-play on PC, Xbox One and PS4, Ubisoft today announced.

In fact, those on PlayStation 4 and Uplay members can already pre-load the game right now. Given the multiplayer focus, PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold will be required to play.

Two days after the trial ends, the Season 3 update will be released for For Honor which is set to be the game's biggest update to date.

In addition, the third season of the multiplayer, "Grudge & Glory", begins a day after the free weekend on August 15, adding the Highlander and Gladiator class to the game.

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"The highly anticipated #season 3 of "#For Honor" is set to be released next week and ahead of its launch, Ubisoft has chose to hold a #free weekend for those who haven't gotten a taste of the game just yet.

After the game's player count on Steam fell to record lows within months of launch - although denied by Ubisoft - the publisher is now offering gamers a chance to try out the game on both consoles and PC.

All content will be available to anyone taking advantage of the free weekend with any progress and achievements being carried over to the main game should you opt to purchase either the standard or Gold edition of For Honor.