Philippine airstrike kills 2 soldiers in Marawi

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The military has also seized 497 firearms from the Islamic State-linked Maute fighters.

GMA News reported that combat clearing operations continued to finish off the terrorists and to regain control of several portions in the city's main area still being used as defensive positions by Maute, quoting Joint Task Force Marawi spokesman Lt. Col. Jo-ar Herrera.

Padilla said he has no idea on the exact payload or weigh of the bomb that accidentally hit the building sheltering government troops.

Padilla said the aircraft had a "very high success rate" in nearly 70 missions.

The ensuing blast rocked a nearby building housing friendly troops, tearing large chunks of the structure and hurling it on the sheltering soldiers, killing two and wounding 11 others.

"So the bomb did not directly hit our troops but it caused that damage to that building which in turn caused the death of two of the soldiers who were in that area along with 11 others who were injured", he added.

The above-mentioned aircraft, which is capable of flying up to Mach 1.5 speed, has successfully performed 70 close-air support missions prior Wednesday's incident.

China, India vow to support Philippines' recovery from Marawi battle

"But in the event ... they bear arms and are involved in the fighting, there is nothing much we can do ... similarly to the hostages who are being forced".

MANILA | children, and the hostages are forced by the jihadists holed up in a city in the southern Philippines to fight, accused on Monday the army attempting since the end of may to quell this uprising.

"As I have continuously been mentioning the basis of the recommendation or the assessment, I would say will be the operational objectives that were given to us so we have to accomplish those objectives", Padilla told reporters.

"We are saddened by this unfortunate incident", Arevalo said, adding an investigation was underway.

Before the latest report came in, Arevalo said the number of casualty in the ongoing Marawi conflict has reached 379 extremists killed, 89 security forces and 39 civilians. "Let us help the government rebuild the city of Marawi so that its citizens may return and restore their broken lives".

"While these terrorists kill people indiscriminately, respecting no one in trying to dissect our land, our soldiers will continue to liberate Marawi City, bearing in mind that this city belongs to our Maranao brothers and sisters, and this land belongs to the Filipino people", he said.

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