Transformers: The Last Knight Might Actually Be … Art?

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The Last Knight, however, might be a somewhat different story.

With news that Transformers: The Last Knight has now officially brought in $69.1 million stateside - a franchise low at the domestic box office - the film will need all the global help it can get in order to simply earn a profit.

Mark Wahlberg's future with the Transformers franchise will be determined by director Michael Bay. Plus there's a "Transformers" sequel dated for summer of 2019, details for which are not yet public.

The cineplex doesn't need more movies like Transformers, it needs fewer - and in a hurry.

If the latest Transformers film outperforms the franchise average, the series will vault into 14th place on the top franchise list, with a total adjusted gross of $1.95 billion.

The Last Knight, the fifth film in the blockbusting series of action-machine spectacles, is now showing in the Xtreme (3D) and VIP cinemas at Nu Metro The Glen. In The Last Knight, when Prime returns to Cybertron, he meets his creator Quintessa, a metallic goddess who created the Transformers. Together, the three characters must race to uncover the secret history of the Transformers before the world is destroyed.

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Disney/Pixar's Cars 3 made $4.4M yesterday raising its week's cume to $74.7M, off 10% from the first week of Cars which made $83.3M in seven days and ended its run at $244M. While not bringing in the same opening numbers as predecessors Cars ($60 million by its second week) and Cars 2 ($66 million by its second week), its week 2 has only seen a 53.1 percent decrease in domestic earnings, which is much better than Cars 2's 60.3 percent decline.

When it was revealed that Stanley Tucci would be appearing in The Last Knight, most viewers rightly assumed he'd be reprising his Joshua Joyce role from the last movie, but hilariously, he's instead randomly recast as the legendary wizard Merlin. Almost a month after opening, "Wonder Woman" continues to be a major draw.

And Kumail Nanjiani's critically adored romantic comedy "The Big Sick" should earn $435,000 during its opening weekend in five locations - that would give the Lionsgate and Amazon Studios release the highest per screen average of any film that has opened this year so far. Globally, the Gal Gadot-starrer's gross stands at $652.9 million.

Rounding out the top five were 47 Meters Down (with $5.9 million), and All Eyez on Me and The Mummy, the latter of two tied at $5.9 million each. Korea was the next highest with $13 million, Russian Federation followed with $8.9 million, and the United Kingdom brought in $5.7 million.

Countries like China, India and South America have driven the majority of box office revenue for the "Transformers" franchise since the first film was released in 2007. Sure, a movie about sentient robotic organisms hiding out on our planet doesn't bring to mind great drama or oration, but good plot and character development always helps. The movie opened to $15.7 million on Wednesday (including its $5.5 million from previews), a low number compared to the original's $36.6 million opening Tuesday, Revenge of the Fallen's $62 million opening Wednesday, Dark of the Moon's $37.7 million opening Wednesday, and Age of Extinction's $41.9 million opening Friday.

"See them roll out for the last time".