Raiders move inspired Marshawn Lynch's return

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Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch says if the team hadn't announced its plans to move to Las Vegas, he probably wouldn't have come out of retirement.

At first, Lynch's reasoning may not make sense to some, however, Lynch went on to say that he wanted to use the opportunity to be a role model for those in the community. This time, though, the hole feels deeper mostly because Kevin Durant is now leading a team seeking revenge after blowing a 3-1 lead to Cleveland in last year's Finals.

The Oakland Raiders' running back has displayed in the past that he is prone to cursing on live TV whether he realizes it or not and he displayed that same profane language live on Tuesday.

Ryan is now a student at Vassar College. The Raiders will play two more season in Oakland before moving to Las Vegas. He has founded his own sports website, and is a contributor at The Raiders Wire and Chargers Wire.

"We've been friends for nine or 10 years now", said Talib.

"With me being from here, continuing to be here, gives them an opportunity - they get to see someone that actually did it, from where they're from and for the team they probably idolize".

I don't think it's no different.

"So all of that you said is great and that's good but this is more for, like, Oakland, though".

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Lynch also added that while playing at home is a big deal, the urge wouldn't likely have been there if the team was staying. that if the Raiders were staying, he probably wouldn't have come back.

"I got the whole town, you feel me, riding with me".

Oakland was electric after he agreed to a new contract and the Raiders acquired him from Seattle.

"Why we represent where we're from so hard is because we know what the struggle is, and how we get down".

This is actually (where I was) born and bred and pissing in them hallways and running down alleyways. And I'm confident that we can play that way, and we did it past year.

The real introduction to Lynch came Tuesday, when he spoke to the local media for the first time since signing April 14 to return to his hometown.

To be honest, it was heartfelt but at the end of the day I still walk outside.