NSA Leaker Winner Will Plead Not Guilty

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"They took her by surprise".

She is expecting to be released on bond Thursday.

The 25-year-old US government contractor has worked since February in Augusta, Georgia, for a federal agency that neither prosecutors nor her defense lawyer will name and where she had access to sensitive documents. She could also face a fine of up to $250,000. She took the job after serving for six years in the Air Force where she obtained top secret clearance while working as a linguist, specializing in languages of the Middle East. They say they don't know what happened to it or what it might contain.

Winner's mother, Billie Winner-Davis; stepfather, Gary Davis; and a friend testified in court.

"I know that she's scared".

Victor also told her mother she feared for her life and the life of her pets, and asked her mother to "play up that angle", Solari alleged.

Prosecutors announced Monday that they had charged victor with sharing top-secret material with a media outlet.

Victor started working at a Georgian government facility in February as an employee of Pluribus International, a firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. The document, according to the indictment, was clearly marked as "top secret". The Department of Justice said she printed and improperly removed the classified information on May 9 and then mailed it a few days later. The NSA report, dated May 5, provides details of a 2016 Russian cyberattack on a USA voting software supplier, though there is no evidence the hack affected any votes.

Victor should be released on bond, Nichols will argue.

"She was afraid she was going to disappear, that they were going to make her disappear".

In this highly digital world officials say it was a crease in a piece of paper that ultimately led the Federal Bureau of Investigation to accused leaker Reality Winner.

Victor served in the Air Force from December 2010 to 2016. She does, Demasi said, have a dry sense of humor and has a tendency to use hyperbole.

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Victor served in the Air Force from December 2010 to 2016, leaving as a senior airman who was a cryptologic language analyst.

"If she made this mistake", Davis said, referring to the leaked documents, "it needs to be balanced against what she has done in the past and how she has served this country". "She's a patriot, and to see her maligned and slandered in the media is very disheartening".

The Intercept contacted NSA and the national intelligence director's office about the document and both agencies asked that it not be published.

"Downright frightening?" defense attorney Titus Nichols responded.

She won't be able to go anywhere without being recognized, Nichols said.

Victor remains in a county jail in Lincoln County, Georgia, while she awaits a detention hearing on Thursday, officials said.

A federal judge denied Winner's request for bond. "She's, she's our victor".

"I just know she cares about her world and taking care of people and animals", Winner-Davis said. "She's going to be made an example of". Court records say victor held a top-secret security clearance.

Winner's attorney says she should be released and prosecutors are exaggerating the threat she poses. Her mugshot leaked to Twitter on Wednesday.

Winner-Davis said her daughter wasn't especially political and had never praised past leakers such as Edward Snowden to her.

The government has said that the alleged leaker, who they claimed said she would play the "pretty, white and cute" card during a jailhouse phone call, also admitted to her crime.