Law enforcement officials dissect video of bounty hunter shootout

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The city of Greenville releases video of the shootout at the auto dealership that left three dead.

Garcia and Bernal began tracking Hutchinson after he failed to appear for a March court hearing in Hennepin County, Minn.

The bounty hunters approached the man with their guns drawn and gave him orders.

According to police, Hutchinson tried to pull out his gun but dropped it on a desk.

Schulte believes bounty hunters Fidel Garcia and Gabriel Bernal of Corpus Christi failed to follow basic law enforcement protocols created to protect civilians and themselves.

Police said the three fired approximately 20 shots in just six seconds.

Three people are confirmed dead in a shooting at a Nissan dealership northeast of Dallas.

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The bounty hunters were after Hutchison for failing to appear in court on a felony drug charge.

Both Garcia and Bernal shot back. "We are relieved to report that all of our employees and our customers are safe and unhurt".

Bernal and Garcia should have apprehended their fugitive either before he arrived or after he left the Nissan dealership, Phariss says.

Bernal and Garcia had apparently been notified in advance that Hutchinson would be at the dealership that day, as a woman identified only as his "girlfriend" was having a auto being serviced. The dealership CEO confirmed that two men came to the dealership and misrepresented themselves as federal agents. Arriving officers found the three men dead. They later presented themselves to a receptionist and the general manager in the same way, Ford said.

He identified Fidel Garcia one of the private investigators who was killed.

"They didn't have badges, they didn't show identification", he said, according to WFAA. "That pursuit of justice ended tragically last night ... he will never be forgotten as a hero", Peters said.

He said private investigators registered in Texas are licensed through the state Department of Public Safety, and added that bail-bond companies seeking fugitives in Texas are required to use registered investigators. He said he would've done things differently just knowing the basics of what happened.