Foreign Minister Confirms Qatar's Rejection Of Interference With Its Foreign Policies

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Speaking in a rare interview, Emirati Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash told The Associated Press that Qatar has "chosen to ride the tiger of extremism and terrorism" and now needed to pay the price. He said only 16 percent of Qatar's food imports came through the now-closed land border crossing with Saudi Arabia "and it has been replaced already". The Saudi government recently called for Doha to cut its links with the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, the organization's Palestinian branch.

Asked if Qatar could say anything to reassure its Gulf opponents, Ghobas replied: "It is true it will be hard in the long run if they agree to sign another document and then decide to drag it out for many months or years and to continue to fund extremist groups".

"The dispute between Qatar and some Arab countries threatens the stability of the whole region", the Foreign Minister told reporters explaining that diplomacy remains Doha's preferred choice.

Turkey's parliament on Wednesday ratified two deals on deploying troops in Qatar and training the nation's gendarmerie force.

Meanwhile, Qatar will respect the LNG gas agreements it has made with the UAE despite its cutting off relations with Doha, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman said.

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The Gulf states have lost all trust in Qatar and have reached the end of the line in discussing how things can get better, one of the leading diplomats from the United Arab Emirates has said. The spat was triggered by alleged reports by the Qatari state news agency, which cited the kingdom's Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani as criticizing Saudi Arabia's hostility towards Iran and doubting that Trump would hold office for a full term.

Bahrain, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates cut diplomatic ties with Qatar on Monday.

"For us, the strategic choice of Qatar is to solve any dispute through dialogue", Sheikh Mohammed added. "We are a platform for peace, a platform for alternative policy in this region", he added.

"We don't see a military solution as an option" to the crisis, Sheikh Mohammed said.

The unfolding Arab crisis is drawing in additional players every day.