Wait, Kylie Jenner Makes Her Housekeeper Do WHAT?!

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"Kylie's beauty, business savvy and fashion icon status have made her one of the most famous and successful young woman on the planet", said Jeff Olde, executive vice president of programming and development for E! I don't think any of us knew what we were getting into. I do feel pressure to not let anybody down.

She may be still young, but at just 19 years old, Kylie Jenner already seems to have succeeded her life.

In the wake of news that she's moving up the launch of her latest lip kit and doing double reality TV duty with KUWTK and her own show Life of Kylie comes a report that she's put her new boyfriend on the fast track as well. "This show will allow me to give them a peek inside all of the exciting things I am working on as well as some personal time with friends." she added. They pointed out that they do not really know how their sister spends her days, so they will join everyone else as viewers.

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While the KUWTK brood is keeping details about the split private, a source says Kris Jenner was instrumental in her family's decision to turn their back on Rose. "I'm running around my house, finding the ideal lighting, the flawless swatches", she revealed to Fast Company.

"There is an image I constantly feel pressure to keep up with". I am not totally innocent because I am keeping up this lifestyle. But then, who is really Kylie Jenner? Kim teased that fans will get a front row seat to their little sister's life, including her dating and work lives.

It will be necessary to wait until the month of July next before discovering the very first episode of Life of Kylie on the channel E!.