Russian Federation says Israeli strikes on Syria are unacceptable

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An intelligence source in the region told Reuters that an Israeli attack hit an arms supply hub operated by Hezbollah near Damascus airport, where regular supplies of weapons from Tehran are sent by commercial and military cargo planes.

A military site southwest of Damascus International Airport was bombed by Israeli warplanes on Thursday, according to Syrian state news agency SANA.

Civil war broke out in Syria in 2011 after an uprising against President Bashar al-Assad but escalated as militant groups and regional players such as Iran, Turkey Russia and Israel became involved.

Rami Abdur Rahman, the head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said the explosion in the early morning hours of April 27 was heard across the capital, jolting residents awake.

Assad also said that no country which had aided the Syrian opposition should be allowed to take part in Syria's post-war reconstruction.

"I can confirm that the incident in Syria is completely compatible with the Israeli policy of operating to prevent the smuggling advanced weaponry from Syria to Hezbollah in Lebanon by Iran", Katz said in response to a question on the incident.

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Israel's intelligence minister, Yisrael Katz appeared to confirm Israel was behind the attack.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov did not say if Israel had warned Moscow of the strike, saying only that their defence ministries "are in constant dialogue".

Israeli analysts suggest that Hezbollah has a stockpile of over 100,000 rockets on Syrian soil.

Israeli officials, however, have yet to formally claim responsibility for the reported strike.

Last month, Israel had confirmed that it conducted several strikes in Syria. Syria even launched a series of anti-aircraft missiles at an Israeli Defense Force jet in late March, after one such strike.

"It's natural that we should have such systems", he said, quoted by Syria's official SANA agency on Thursday, the same day as Damascus accused Israel of firing several missiles at a military position near its worldwide airport.