Obama calls for courage on opposing health bill

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Since the House passed its health care bill last week, members of Congress and the administration have been taking heat for a celebratory gathering in the White House Rose Garden after the vote - both because the victorious photo-op was seen as premature since the Senate had yet to consider the bill, and for the lack of diversity among the lawmakers present.

Pete Couladis, the Athens County Republican Chair, said he is glad the bill is gaining traction six weeks after an earlier version of the bill backed by Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan failed. Standing on principle, Simpson said he voted to repeal Obamacare on Thursday to keep his promises.

No House Democrats supported the bill, and many publicly slammed it as "abominable" and a "tax cut for millionaires". And there's still a major problem: No women are working on drafting the Senate's healthcare bill.

"They're going to have to devolve more power to the states". "It was kind of a moot issue if the House wasn't going to be able to pass a bill and now they have and I'm proud of them for doing it", Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn told the Examiner. There is concern because, as the bill stands now, states will be allowed to waive rules that stop insurance companies from charging higher premiums for people who have preexisting conditions if they set up a high-risk pool.

However, Turner expects the Senate to push for more generous subsidies for those struggling to afford insurance but make too much to qualify for Medicaid.

In most states, the Medicaid expansion is closed to new enrollees. Better known as Trumpcare, this bill will kill. Insurers need to decide whether they will participate in the individual market exchanges by June 22. The same goes for a person who was injured or sickened with a chronic illness. And as it turns out, the monstrosity that just passed the House isn't all that different from what they sketched out back then.

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"What they said was, 'We will provide some additional funding to the states, very generous funding - $130 billion to the states". On Thursday, Iowa, a generally liberal state, announced that the sole statewide health care provider on the Obamacare exchange may be pulling out. The list of pre-existing conditions that will no longer be covered is truly shameful. Turner says that's not true.

According to a recent report from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation, 23 percent of Utahns under age 65, close to 400,000 people, have pre-existing conditions that could be the basis for jacking up premiums. Current law stays in place [if states] decide not to take the grant and make their own changes.

Several have raised questions about how the legislation would provide for people with pre-existing medical conditions or those who do not have much money.

"If the coverage [offered under the bill] is unaffordable, that doesn't do any good for a child who has juvenile diabetes", she said.

Republican Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, who is not seeking re-election next year, warned the bill "has the potential to severely harm the health and lives of people in south Florida".

He said the bill's been online "for two months". As a result, they don't buy anything. "I'm pretty scared to lose coverage". Turner says that statistic is horribly misleading.