NASCAR's Aric Almirola out 8-12 weeks with broken back

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He dropped his window net, but when he disconnected his steering wheel and threw it on the dash his back pain intensified. In the meantime, I'm going to focus on getting my body back to 100 percent.

Outside of his frustration with the professionalism of the photographers, Almirola was thankful the wreck wasn't worse. I braced for the wreck and immediately when I hit Joey's (Logano) auto I felt pain in my back. I was in way too much pain.

"Getting back in a race vehicle two weeks too soon is just gonna add two more starts to my start column and the stat book, but if I were to get in another similar accident and not be properly healed, you're talking about potentially being paralyzed from the belly button down, so I'm not gonna risk that", said Almirola. Devin, a 5-year-old boy battling Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, had been scheduled by Pollex to walk down the event's signature runway with Almirola on Wednesday night.

"This fracture is at a higher level than the injuries that Denny sustained or that Tony sustained. I felt like somebody stuck a knife in my back". He will provide an update on his injury and recovery plan on Friday morning at the speedway. He finished third, second and fourth, respectively, as a full-time Xfinity Series driver for JR Motorsports from 2013-2015, collecting five wins during that span.

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When Almirola and Devin's turn to strut - or, in Almirola's case, gingerly step - down the runway came, the crowd of 650 guests and donors' polite clapping turned into a roar of support. "The obvious thing is that the circumstances suck". You take good care of your body and you're in good health, you're lean.

"That's still no guarantee, though". He was released from a Kansas City-area hospital Sunday and the team said he probably wouldn't need surgery. "I'm doing everything I can do". I didn't think I was that lucky, but after talking to all the doctors in Kansas and Charlotte, I realize how lucky I was. The Almirolas spent a week in the NICU at Levine Children's Hospital.

"So, I think that violent drop from 6, 7 feet in the air, coming down and hitting the left-side jack post and the left-side frame rail put all of that energy right up to my back", Almirola said, "I can tell you that at Martinsville when we run really low frame heights and really low air pressure, when they drop the jack on the left side, it's violent on a pit stop, so I'm fairly confident that dropping a vehicle from 6 feet into the air down onto the left-side jack post is a very big hit".