HTC Vive reveals standalone VR headset

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The company says it's also adding "proactive assistance" to Home, which means notifying you ahead of time if you need to leave early to beat traffic. That way any friends or family members hanging out in your home can see what you see.

You'll be able to demo furniture in AR. Clay Bavor, Google VP for VR, detailed that the project stemmed from the question "How can we take the best parts of smartphone VR and create a kind of device with an even better experience?" It allows for more enjoyment together, although we hope it's disabled in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. Here are the highlights.

"Vive's standalone VR headset will provide a deeper and more immersive portable VR experience than ever before", HTC Vive said after the announcement. This is called the Daydream View which has a latch on the front to slide the phone in. This option has been available on a high-end headset like HTC Vive, but it requires a cord to connect to a TV.

Google isn't the first company to try this, but finding a middle ground between the toy-like nature of phone-based headsets like the Samsung Gear VR and expensive PC rigs like the Oculus Rift seems like a positive development for VR as a whole. This VR-and-VR-only experience is viewed as an evolution from the original "Mobile VR" ecosystem Google established past year, accessed through certain other "Mobile VR" headsets using head mount-adapters for smartphones. In mobile VR, the smartphone is directly attached to the headset.

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Google has sunk more energy into turning around its low-to-middle tier Daydream VR experience, announcing a slew of partnerships relating to the virtual reality headset. Besides enabling the system to construct virtual worlds that are laid over a representation of the real world, an augmented reality approach mixed in with the virtual reality concept, the system also functions to track a user's movements.

"Tango is also one of the core technologies behind our new Visual Positioning Service, which helps devices quickly and accurately understand their location indoors". While GPS is great for getting you to the storefront, with VPS your device can direct you right to the item you're looking for once inside.

Google Home users are going to see some new features, including hands-free calling, and the ability to control select appliances. And we're excited to support AR for the web, too. While it has largely tried to deliver on the content bit, the devices have been lacking, mostly.

It is clear that the number of smartphones compatible with Daydream technology is increasing.