French voters sceptical Macron, Le Pen have answers on key issues

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Prior to the election, there was a widespread view overseas that vote for Marie Le Pen would show the depth of anti-EU sentiments in France, a founding member of the European Union.

Though Macron has consistently led in the polls, his margin has slipped in recent days as Le Pen pulls out all the stops to secure the first-ever presidential election victory of the far-right party built up by her father since 1972.

Le Pen and Macron, who says he is "neither of the left nor the right", eliminated France's traditional political forces to reach the May 7 run-off.

The FN shake-up comes in the midst of a bruising campaign in which Ms Le Pen has tried to wear down lingering resistance to her party's tainted brand by portraying Mr Macron as an elitist money man.

With a week to go before France's presidential election runoff, far-right candidate Marine Le Pen stayed on the offensive against frontrunner Emmanuel Macron on April 30, 2017, trying to close a 19-point gap in the polls.

Hollande had previously said he would vote for his former economy minister but had not given voting instructions. Simply put by Telegraph, all 50 us states and Washington DC have a set number of "electors" in the electoral college (depending on the size of the state) and for a presidential candidate to win, s/he will have to earn 270 electors-half the total of the 538 electors plus one.

Macron racked up several endorsements on Sunday, beginning with prominent French environmentalist Nicolas Hulot, who however said his backing was "not a blank cheque".

But Dupont-Aignan's switch to Le Pen split his party, "Stand up France", prompting the departure of a vice president, Dominique Jamet.

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"I am asking the candidate to put an end immediately to the duties Jean-Marie Le Pen still carries at the FN", Benjamin Grivaux, Macron's spokesman, was quoted as saying. French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron is visiting the. Le Pen also sought repeatedly to puncture Macron's argument that he represents change, calling him a lapdog of unpopular outgoing President Francois Hollande.

"It's obvious that exiting the euro takes time, it might be a bit slower but she will do it, it's in her programme", Sylvain Laour, a 50 year old security officer, said as Le Pen held her last major rally before Sunday's run-off vote, in the northern Paris suburb of Villepinte.

Speaking of her duel with Macron, who is ahead in the polls, Le Pen considers she might win and, in her opinion, Macron is already getting nervous by his "feverish and aggressive" stance.

In the first round, 22.2 percent of voters abstained: The highest percentage since 2002 when Marine Le Pen's father, Jean-Marie, surged into the second round only to be defeated overwhelmingly by conservative Jacques Chirac.

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron is hunting for votes in rural areas of France where his far-right opponent, Marine Le Pen, has made inroads among people who feel left behind, with hard access to public services, mobile phone connections and other modern conveniences.

Unlike Macron, 48-year-old Le Pen is steeped in hard-edged politics.

But the war remains a hard area for Ms Le Pen. In their document, Le Pen and Dupont-Aignan therefore make a few modifications to nationalist or xenophobic policies of the FN that provoked particular media attention and popular hostility.