Elon Musk's Boring Company has officially broken ground

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Musk also posted a test run of the electric sled that would transport cars at 125 miles per hour (200 km/h) through the tunnels, writing alongside it: "Warning, this may cause motion sickness or seizures". While it seemed like a possible joke at the time, it turns out that Elon Musk is that rare person with the mechanical know-how, municipal influence, and financial means to just start boring a tunnel under Los Angeles, and the Boring Company was born. Musk unveiled the video on his Instagram page Friday.

You'd drive your auto into an elevator, "sort of a vehicle skate", Musk says.

The video below contains flashing lights, which has potential to induce motion sickness and/or seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Godot, he said, would be the name of the Boring Company's first big piece of equipment. Elon Musk reportedly acquired the pre-owned machine from L.A. Metro.

Musk also wants to speed up the process of boring tunnels, joking that he wants boring machines to move faster than his pet snail, Gary. The scenario is depicted in an animation video posted on The Boring Company's website.

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Musk's first objective is far less ambitious: It's digging a 500-foot-long pedestrian tunnel that will lead from SpaceX's headquarters to its parking garage on the other side of Crenshaw Boulevard, according to a report from the Daily Breeze. His plans are for a connected web of high-speed tunnel freeways deep underneath Los Angeles. Musk hopes that with their engineering know-how, The Boring Company can see a breakthrough of one mile per week.

Musk discussed the concept in depth during a recent TED talk in Vancouver.

And in another video, Musk gave an idea of how some of The Boring Company machinery works - including a rotating cutterhead that will cut through underground rock.