Dayton signs Real ID bill

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The impasse is reminiscent of what happened in 2011, the last time Dayton and a Republican-controlled Legislature faced off to pass a two-year state budget. Late in the day, Dayton aired a new offer he characterized as "Meet Half Way", in which most of the state's $1.65 billion projected surplus would be divided in half: $682 million for the GOP priorities of tax cuts and transportation, and $682 million for additional spending on state programs and services. But in the end, a compromise brought almost every lawmaker and the governor on board.

Minnesota has adopted the federal Real ID standards for driver's licenses after years of debate.

In Minnesota, solar has grown 80 percent in the first quarter of 2017, and nearly 340 megawatts (MW) of the current 440 MW installed in the state were added in 2016. States without extensions have until next January to comply with the Real ID requirements. Anxious Minnesotans may no longer worry if their licenses will be accepted at federal checkpoints, like airports and military bases, next year.

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The new Real ID licenses will have the same renewal fees as standard licenses, Smith said. A separate "enhanced" license, which is available now at an added cost, is accepted for air travel and at federal facilities, and can be used for travel between the USA and Canada, Mexico and some Caribbean countries. Lawmakers are careening toward the end of their session without having figured out a path to a new state budget.

Because of when their driver's license expires, some people may choose to renew their license early in order to get a REAL ID compliant card once they become available. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove. When they left less than 10 minutes later, they said they would return in about an hour.

But the two sides spent Thursday outside of negotiating room and instead in the public eye, criticizing each other's budget proposals and calling on the other side to make the next move. "He was delivering a counteroffer shortly after our interview".