The end of Wunderlist — Microsoft To-Do

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When Microsoft sunsetted the popular Sunrise calendar app that it acquired, there were fears that it would do likewise when it acquired popular list app Wunderlist. Microsoft has stated the app will also be connected to other Microsoft services such as Outlook along with a few other Office apps as well.

To-Do List uses algorithms to offer intelligent user suggestions, based on what the user might be looking for and when.

Microsoft is planning to bring more features from Wunderlist to To-Do, including the ability to share lists; a Mac app and tablet apps for iOS and Android are also planned. Once we are confident that we have incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do, we will retire Wunderlist. Introduced as a sort of "successor" to Wunderlist, it was nonetheless presented as a smarter, more simple and intuitive task management application. Microsoft clarified that the To-Do list application can be used for those with Microsoft accounts and not only those with a Office 365 subscription.

Whether you're an Office 365 user or not, To-Do is definitely worth a look. Tapping the lightbulb icon in the top-right corner of My Day will bring up a list of suggestions for tasks that you can quickly, easily add to your My Day list.

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If you don't have the Microsoft Authenticator App installed you'll need to grab that from the Play Store and set it up.

The not-so-surprising part? Wunderlist is now on Microsoft's list of things to ditch.

The app needs to be configured to your Microsoft account and then the user selects the option that reads "phone sign-in" when attempting to log into your account.

This new feature should make using two-factor authentication less hassle for users. And they noted that support for Work accounts would arrive on To-Do on the web in the coming weeks, and gave the timeframe towards the iPad app as the "coming months". This is very similar to how Microsoft approached their new Microsoft Teams collaboration service - by making it a value added feature for subscribers. As Microsoft's Alex Simons explaines, "Windows Phone makes up 5% of the active users of our Authenticator Apps so we have prioritized getting this working with iOS and Android for now".

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