Pretty Little Liars: Will Emily Choose Alison or Paige as her Soulmate?

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Pretty Little Liars is back in all it's weird, gory, stressful wonderfulness. It's a letter that Mary Drake wrote to her right after she was born. Tonight's episode had an especially apt Gatsby quote (So we beat on, boats against the current) that spoke to why the show has felt fresh and smart for so many years. In the next episode, the liars will meet the new character of the series, Addison. "She came back with her hair and makeup done, very stylish, with this tuxedo jacket on, and tight trousers, and does this scene", Marlene says. But hey, that doesn't mean we don't want it to happen.

"All the things that have happened in this town and those two get taken out by a deer". Effectively, she did raise her, but it was still a betrayal ... and not one Spencer was excited to hear so shortly after nearly dying at the end of last season. "And on your finger, it's even more painful!"

After shooting Spencer, Jenna is seen lying in a van with a hooded figure who removes their mask, she realizes the person is A.D. Still, Aria and Hanna went to look at wedding venues, where they ran into Holden (Shane Coffey), her fake boyfriend from season 2.

Aria: "Toby just got out of the hospital, but Yvonne's. she's still unconscious". The season first aired on ABC Family on June 8, 2010. It ends with what could be biggest moment of Episode 12, and Jenna is involved.

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Anyway, back to the sweetness: Caleb pulled out Hanna's sketch book as he told her to get back to designing clothes so he could worry about Jenna. This is one of the stranger parts of the show - you get such a real, human story that is paired up with something so over-the-top.

Meanwhile, Spencer confronted her mother with the world-shattering allegation that Mary Drake is actually her biological mother. As usual, Hanna has the best idea: "Throw it in the fireplace, pour some brandy over it and flambé the thing". "But this time, we leave everyone satisfied". I guess we will find out more as the girls or Spencer continues to play the game. He's the villain we DESERVE. Hanna still wants to get her fashion business off the ground, so Mona offers to help, and she snags Hanna a gig dressing a NY senator's daughter for a few different events. Clearly, Hanna is psychic.

When Mary then became pregnant, Jessica came clean to Veronica about everything, giving her the option of adopting the child and raising it as her own. We always thought Hanna was kindred souls with Mrs. Grunwald after all... Paige doesn't want Emily to get roped into Alison's perpetual victimhood, and Emily doesn't want Alison to kiss her again until she really wants to, and doesn't just want to make Emily stay with her. Oooh yes, we like this one.