PlayStation 4 consoles may attract roaches, repairmen say

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Cockroaches love the warm, dark places, therefore the inside of a console is a good place to shelter, but it seems that PlayStation 4 is particularly appreciated by insects, probably due to the increased heat developed and the air vents placed in a place easily accessible and large enough to allow insects to enter easily.

According to the same Kotaku blog, some console fix techs reported that at least half of the PS4s they service are full of roaches.

"You see those bags?" he asked.

According to employees from Manhattan's XCubicle console fix shop, they get at least one case of a cockroach-infested PlayStation 4 per week.

For starters, the console's wide ventilation grates at the bottom make it easy for roaches to enter. "Those are bags full of roaches". It also doesn't help that people usually lay their consoles horizontally inside media cabinets close to the ground. It is the roach poop and short circuits that cause the console to stop working.

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MORE: PS4 vs. Xbox One: Which Console is For You? That's because roaches that make contact with the wrong parts of the power supply at the same time fry the power supply and themselves. If roaches can't reach it, they can't move in.

PlayStation 4 owners apparently not only have to deal with things such as Wi-Fi issues and PlayStation Network outages, but they should also take measures to prevent their console from being infested by cockroaches.

Sony does not accept cockroach-infested PlayStation 4 consoles for repairs, leaving the dirty duty to the hands of independent fix shops.

The PS4's internal power supply keeps the console nice and toasty, making a PlayStation a pretty comfortable home (the Xbox One's power source is external). When the bugs have made little homes in there, and have little roach kids, those roach kids and their faeces can melt onto the hardware. Kotaku recommends storing your consoles out in the open where they have room to breathe, and stored high up, where roaches can't climb.