Microsoft has BIG problem ahead of Project Scorpio release date

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The differences between some of the following images will be a bit hard to discern if you're viewing them from a conventional HD display but we assume that they will be distinctly noticeable when the Scorpio goes into action on the consumer market among gamers running the console through their native HDR 4K TVs or running older games on the device to their 1080p TVs.

As we'd expect, going from 1080p on the Xbox One to 4K on Scorpio brings a substantial improvement in fine detail.

Microsoft recently invited key publications like Windows Central to a private event to show how Project Scorpio compares to Xbox One in terms of fidelity.

At this point, the biggest factor to complement Project Scorpio's launch would be the exclusive games that will take advantage of its power.

Microsoft is betting big on the follow-up to its current Xbox One S gaming console.

But to get the most of your experience and run Xbox One games in native 4K, you'll need to download 4K asset and texture packs (think of the Forward Compatibility updates on PS4 Pro).

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"The pictures apparently represent mere tech demos and are not from any released or in-development game".

Recall that Microsoft will return to present Xbox Scorpio during at E3 2017 in Los Angeles. The right-hand ladybug is representative of an Xbox One engine scaled to 4K.

As regular readers know, I'm unsure about who exactly Scorpio is aimed at, something that Spencer addresses here by saying it's for "the console customer who wants the best version of the console games on their television". There's a dramatic difference between the two, and heavily incentivizes developers to push out 4K patches for their games.

It has just been revealed that the upcoming Xbox Scorpio could potentially have a severe shortage of games following the latest revelation coming from the team behind the hit game, Halo.

But Project Scorpio is significantly easier for developers this time around. Migrating console pricing up towards the level of a higher end PC is not likely the goal, but the specs say otherwise to we'll probably be sticking with $500.