The Walking Dead Did Something I Didn't Think Was Possible

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This post contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14.

However, Sunday's episode also finally resolved a few lingering questions.

Jesus has a talk with Maggie and reveals that he's gay, which is important why...? Dr. Carson wanted Maggie to stay at The Hilltop in case there were any more problems in her pregnancy. So as not to leave the Hilltop high and dry without any medical solutions, Simon has his men drop off a crate filled with boxes of aspirin. Everyone expects that Gregory is a kind of guy who will tell Negan about Daryl and Maggie.

Glenn was killed after Daryl made an outburst in the season seven premiere.

Despite the character being gay in Robert Kirkman's graphic novels, this is the first time his sexuality has been referenced in the series. She presses and he tearily apologizes for not preventing Glenn's death. "And he would know, because he was one of the good things too". The episode features some meaningful digressions too, including a scene where Enid tries to distract one of the Saviors by being extra-hospitable, only to find that the villains all default to rudeness and bullying, and aren't planning on forming an emotional bond with plucky teens any time soon. "I always found it hard to get close to anyone, neighbors, friends, boyfriends", said Jesus.

What's more, there's comic book precedent for what might happen next to Sonequa Martin-Green's character. As the series progresses toward what is bound to end in All Out War (Volume 20 for all the comic fans out there) fans are chomping at the bit to see a unified front take on Negan and his Saviors' heavyhanded system of supremacy. Jesus is the sixth LGBT character after Tara (Alanna Masterson), Alisha (Juliana Harkavy), Aaron (Ross Marquand), Eric (Jordan Woods-Robinson) and Denise (Meritt Wever) to feature on the show.

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When Simon returns to the Sanctuary with Dr. Carson, Negan comes out to the courtyard for a moment, but Sasha can't get a clear shot. However, her fate remains in danger, since she appears to be locked under Negan's orders. It was so contrived I was actually confused and wondered if Eugene has somehow spotted them and was trying to send them a message.

Eugene is from Houston, Texas. Obviously, she didn't get far and was caught and imprisoned once she entered the fortress.

With Season 7's penultimate episode on the horizon, AMC has released some new promotional images...

Was Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) happy when she was with Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz)? Sasha would definitely take them.

Of course, Holly does not exist on Walking Dead (unless you count the short-lived background player named Holly who debuted and died in Season six's "JSS"), and Denise is long gone at this point.

Knowing that Eugene is being held against his will by Negan, both women encouraged him to go back to Alexandria with them. "Just tell the guard who you are and he'll let you right in, as long as there are no shenanigans", said Simon. But she loves Maggie too. He has been open about his frustration with the first half of the season; he said he stands by telling the story that way, but it was not fun to shoot, and he understands why it was not fun for a lot of viewers to watch. Even her reawakening back to the land of the living via her nearly romance with Abraham was played more soulfully than the show actually gave it in terms of screen time to flourish.