Selena Gomez: Being sad makes me creative

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When asked what she would call her life if it were a song, Gomez answers, "I'm still trying to figure it out".

In the middle of her Revival Tour last summer, Gomez announced she'd cancel the remainder of the shows in order to focus on her mental health and get herself back on track.

Reuters/Danny MoloshokRecording artist Selena Gomez arrives at the 2016 American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California. She recently expressed the difficulty of connecting with her audience now that it's older, as she felt the need to teach them something but didn't know how. She is also very much aware of how "lucky" she is to be in Hollywood and be praised and be showered with support and love.

It comes after Selena admits her "addiction" to Instagram made her feel bad.

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The "It Ain't Me" singer also loves blasting "That's What I Like" by Bruno Mars in her auto the best song to run around to is "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey. "But - how do I say this without sounding weird?"

While part of that may be that they're cathartic, she also added that she is most creative when she is feeling sad. "And so maybe I thought everybody out there was thinking, 'This is a waste of time'".

She closed the seven and a half minute interview by revealing her first concert was Britney Spears and she'd love to collaborate with Elvis Presley. In fact, her favorite movie that she could watch an endless amount of times is 2011's Crazy, Stupid, Love with Steve Carrell and Julianne Moore - a feel-good comedy about relationships.

The more you know!